Watch design by Sijbers showing revolutionary Haykes watch.

Join us on this journey

Haykes Watch: 

Investor Opportunity: Haykes Watch – Pioneering a New Era in Timekeeping. Discover the Potential in Our Unique Concept

Invest in Innovation: Haykes Watch – Transforming the Watch Industry with a Unique Vision. Secure Your Stake in the Future of Timekeeping.

Step away from the relentless tick-tock of seconds. Imagine watches that measure time by the gentle sun’s rhythm.
Our concept, now available for sale, celebrates the beauty of a day’s journey over the race against seconds. It’s a shift towards mindful living and a deeper connection with time.
With distinctive designs that align with the future, our concept boasts unique selling points that set it apart. It holds immense potential for visionary manufacturers ready to shape the future of timepieces.

Join us on this journey to redefine our relationship with time. Together, we’ll craft timepieces for a relaxed and purposeful life.
Any reasonable offer for the design agency and all its contents will be considered. I appreciate to have your feedback,
Best regards,
Harrie Sijbers

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Portrait Harrie Sijbers designer at Haykes watch 2023